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北京快三遗漏数据统计 www.5vgr.cn Oilfield production has been a very ?hands-on? process ever since Edwin Drake drilled the first oil well in Pennsylvania in 1859. So has the chemical services management—until now.

VERITRAX™ is the first management system that intelligently digitizes the whole process. Creating maximum transparency, the results are much higher levels of collaboration and trust between the oil producer and chemical services provider, freeing staff to focus on problem solving. In short: VERITRAX significantly reduces the total operating costs by optimizing the processes. Interested? Learn more below.

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Paul Gould, Global Head of Digital Strategy at Clariant Oil Services, explains how the digital revolution is affecting oilfield chemicals.

This is how it works


Take a step-by-step tour through the functionalities of VERITRAX™.
  • Significantly reduce probability of blockage or contamination through precision remote pump control and get "high precision" reporting in real time.

    info_1_mob/tank - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Well head (or pipeline seperator, etc.)

    Field operators can link SCADA/Historian with VERITRAX to manage production.
    info_1_mob/cloud - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Production data from Oil & Gas Producer’s SCADA/Historian

    "Connectors" link production data from SCADA/Historian to VERITRAX for accurate graphs and reporting.
    info_1_mob/temperature - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Precision dosage control of chemical pump with reporting

    With real-time production data, VERITRAX provides parts-per-million dosage control.
    info_1/pump - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Controlled chemical pump (from dosage control)

    Adjust chemical pump dosage remotely.
    info_1_mob/alert - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Alarm by exception

    If the remote dosage control is not working, alert notifications are sent.
  • Reduce windshield time: VERITRAX? intelligently monitors chemical tank levels, alerts relevant parties of low levels, and even automates and tracks the dispatch of chemicals to ensure that tanks never run dry.

    info_2/tank - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Remote chemical tank level

    Tank level sensor checks chemical levels and sends data to VERITRAX cloud.
    info_2/CLOUD - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Cloud oversight

    VERITRAX cloud intelligently monitors levels, calculates days-to-empty, and schedules chemical deliveries.
    info_2/phone - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Manual chemical tank level

    If no tank level sensor is present, field technicians can send readings to cloud with VERITRAX app.
    info_2/attention - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Low alarms, etc.

    VERITRAX triggers Clariant's replenishment process and various alarms as tank empties, notifying workers and management.
    info_2/lkw - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Chemical deliveries

    VERITRAX tracks chemical delivery to completion through entries made by driver into cloud.
    info_2/tonne - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Batch chemical dosing

    VERITRAX fully records batch deliveries, including the flush process.
    To chemical tanks
  • Eliminate manual order placement, get rid of inaccurate and untimely invoicing, and do away with chemical shortages—through the power of customized VERITRAX? intelligent chemical management.

    info_2/tank - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Continuous dosing chemical tanks

    Automated chemical inventory management monitors tank levels and refills them if required.
    info_2/lkw - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Chemical deliveries

    VERITRAX automation dynamically schedules deliveries.
    info_2/tonne - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Batch chemical dosing

    A batch delivery is when the driver pushes chemicals into a pipeline or a dosing point.
    info_3/reservoir - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Managed chemical supply

    SAP is notified when warehouses need to be supplied.
    info_1_mob/alert - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Alarm by exception

    Alerts can be individually configured and interact intelligently with the alert recipients.
    info_2/CLOUD - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Automated supply chain oversight

    Tracks inventory, forecasts needs, places orders, and generates invoices. Monitored by Clariant Customer Service.
    info_3/service - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.


    Services such as pump repair and calibration.
    info_3/sap - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.


    VERITRAX fully integrates with SAP, providing on-the-mark warehouse forecasting.
    info_3/sap - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Oil & Gas Producer’s Invoicing/ERP system

    VERITRAX automatically sends invoices to business partner's ERP System through SAP configuration.
  • Remove the burden of troubleshooting a problematic well. VERITRAX expedites sample analysis through barcode tracking and the cloud. Chemical adaptations can then be quickly made in time to prevent well failures.

    info_4/pipeline - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Well head (or pipeline separator, etc.)

    VERITRAX tracks samples from well head, pipeline or separator to Clariant laboratories.
    info_4/target - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Analytics and samples management

    Field worker attaches barcode to sample, scans it with app, and enters data, images, and comments.
    info_4/glass - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Lab testing results

    Lab results of sample are saved in VERITRAX cloud for field worker and oil producer’s dashboard.
    info_2/attention - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Alarm by exception

    If an alarm appears, it is sent via email, text or voicemail. The alarm can be customized to oil producer’s needs.
    info_4/pen - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.


    VERITRAX generates reports from test results and displays them on oil producer's customized dashboard.
  • Get a complete overview of the whole process. Dashboards, reports, and alarms: Use the tools and devices of your choice for full transparency.

    info_5/tablet - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    info_5/imac - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Device of your choice

    info_5/phone - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    info_5/upload - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Export to Excel

    info_5/pen - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Printed reports

    info_2/CLOUD - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Production Historian

    VERITRAX monitors and reports every step in full detail.
    info_5/alert - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.

    Alarm notifications

    info_5/mail - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.


    info_5/message - ★北京快三遗漏数据统计★北京快三开奖结果走势图★北京快三计划★北京快三历史开奖结果★北京快三开奖结果追号彩票控 Created with Sketch.


    VERITRAX sends the notifications via email, text or voicemail.

The application


VERITRAX™—the intelligent chemical management system provides you with ?best in class? connectivity for your oil fields. You need more transparency? VERITRAX manages all your production data visible at any time. You need more efficiency? VERITRAX helps you cut down windshield time, decreases downtime caused by well failures and even speeds up your lab testing data flow by monitoring your samples in real-time. Download the app from the App Store and follow the instructions.

The application



VERITRAX™—the intelligent chemical management system provides you with ?best in class? connectivity for your oil fields. You need more transparency? VERITRAX manages all your production data visible at any time. You need more efficiency? VERITRAX helps you cut down windshield time, decreases downtime caused by well failures and even speeds up your lab testing data flow by monitoring your samples in real-time. Download the app from the App Store and follow the instructions.

One oilfield, one tool


VERITRAX? provides ?high impact?, real-time information flow of the whole chemical management process so oil and gas producers have the confidence that they are getting what they pay for and that their chemical program is performing as expected. Featuring full data integration into existing production systems, Clariant Oil Services’ simplified and transparent reporting significantly reduces the workload of operators’ staff that is dedicated to providing vendor oversight. This is achieved through better forecasting, automated KPI monitoring real-time data dashboards, reports and alarms and by making real-time costs transparent.


The benefits




By reducing well failures, increasing production volumes on some fields by as much as 15%.


Intelligent, automated processes and surveillance of the chemical management processes help make oilfields run smoother and more efficiently.


Less driving hours increase the safety of employees, save vehicle operating costs, and reduce the environmental footprint.


From inventory to invoice, every process is fully digitized, automated, integrated, and completely transparent.

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Head of Global Digital Strategy - Clariant Oil Services

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